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About Our Practice

“The missing pillar of health is breath. It all starts there.” – James Nestor

At Breathe and Thrive, we are a group of professionals dedicated to providing high-quality dental airway & sleep medicine care to patients of all ages.

Our vision is to help patients uncover and heal structural and functional issues of the upper airway and mouth that are preventing them from achieving optimal health and wellness. Whether we’re releasing an infant’s tongue-tie or carefully fabricating an oral appliance for an adult suffering from sleep apnea, we use a collaborative approach to restore proper nasal breathing, optimize oral functions, and help patients achieve deep, restorative sleep.

We are passionate about early intervention to give children the best chance at ideal development, and to help families overcome the many physical and mental challenges that result from improper breathing. We empower patients and families with knowledge, options and a compassionate approach to care that honors their unique path to healing.

We look forward to guiding you to better health and vitality, one breath at a time.